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By Blome Family Dentistry
March 01, 2021
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Cavities are avoidable, and good dental habits can greatly improve our odds. But it can be easy to fall out of step, and before we know it we find ourselves with a cavity. It is not, however, the end of the world, and with early enough care a simple filling can halt the progress of decay and returns us to a healthy dental regimen. If you would like to learn more please contact Dr. Greg Blome and Dr. Sara Wubbels of Blome Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE.

Cavities Find a Way

Brushing your teeth every day, alongside flossing, can keep plaque from building up on your teeth. But in spite of how good of a job you do, a professional dental cleaning should be part of your routine. Most dentists recommend it about twice a year. The procedure helps reach the harder-to-reach plaque and eliminates tartar, hardened plaque that's nearly impossible to remove at home.

A checkup is the first half of a regular dental appointment alongside the professional dental cleaning, and just as important.

Your dentist examines your overall dental health during such visits, but a part of it is inspecting your teeth for early signs of decay.

A cavity caught in time can be treated with a dental filling by first removing all signs of decay and by filling the empty space and shaping the material to match the corrected tooth.

Materials range from a variety of metals to traditional amalgam fillings, and even tooth-colored resin for a result that is nearly unnoticeable.

Dental Fillings in Lincoln, NE

As mentioned above the most important thing to remember is to make regular visits to your dentist part of your dental health regimen. Cleanings can help with prevention, and regular checkups can make sure that concerns are dealt with promptly, thus saving you from more involved procedures in the future, as well as saving you money in the long run.

To schedule an appointment with your Lincoln, NE, dentists Dr. Blome and Dr. Wubbels of Blome Family Dentistry by dialing 402-483-7000.

By Blome Family Dental
July 24, 2018
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FillingsFind out the importance of a dental filling.

While you might not even know it, most people will have to get at least one dental filling during their lifetime. After all, cavities are the most common dental disorder worldwide. While our Lincoln, NE, dentists, Dr. Greg Blome and Dr. Sara Wubbels, would love to always be able to give you a clean bill of health when you come into the office, if you are dealing with a cavity you will need to get a dental filling as soon as possible in order to restore the tooth.

What is a dental filling?

A dental filling is a special material placed over a tooth to restore appearance, function, and strength back into a tooth often after a cavity (but sometimes due to trauma). While there are several different kinds of dental fillings, the most commonly used dental filling is composite resin because it looks similar to natural tooth enamel so it blends right in.

Why are dental fillings required?

If you have a cavity the decayed enamel must be removed or otherwise the decay will continue to spread further into the tooth. Once our Lincoln detects a cavity we will need to remove the decay as soon as possible. In order to remove decay, we will numb the area surrounding the tooth before using a dental drill to get rid of the decayed enamel.

Once the decay is fully removed we will need to restore the tooth so functionality and resilience are restored. If the tooth wasn’t treated with a dental filling it would weaken over time and be prone to further damage such as cracks or fractures. By placing a dental filling after removing a cavity we can restore the tooth’s strength and its appearance.

How is a dental filling placed?

If you are getting a composite resin filling, the material itself is similar to putty, so it is malleable and can easily be spread over the drilled away portions of the tooth. The resin is first matched to the color of your tooth before being applied. Resin fillings are applied in thin layers and each layer is hardened permanently into place after being properly shaped. The whole process of removing a cavity and placing a filling is pretty fast and you can leave the office immediately after treatment.

Are you experiencing warning signs of a cavity such as a toothache? Do you need to schedule your next dental cleaning? If so, then trust in the experts at Blome Family Dentistry to provide you and your family with the comprehensive dental care you are looking for in Lincoln, NE.

By Blome Family Dentistry
March 09, 2016
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Find out everything you need to know about getting dental fillings in Lincoln.

Did one of our Lincoln dentists Dr. Greg Blome or Dr. Sara Wubbels recommend getting a dental filling? Often during those six-month fillingsexams, we find problems like cavities, which is why it’s always important to keep up with these routine visits. They could prevent more serious issues in the long run. But if you need to get a filling you may feel a bit nervous. But don’t worry; we are here to give you the 411 on your upcoming treatment.

What are dental fillings and why are they needed?

While it might not be pleasant to think about your mouth teeming with bacteria, it’s true. And these bacteria love to feast on sugar.

Whenever you consume sugar the bacteria turns it into acid, which wears away healthy tooth enamel. Over time, the acid attacks on your teeth cause holes to form in the enamel. These holes are better known as cavities. Once a cavity forms your Lincoln restorative dentist will need to remove the decayed parts of the tooth and then fill the tooth to restore its shape and appearance.

What kinds of fillings are available and which one is the right on for me?

There are many materials to choose from when it comes to getting a dental filling. The two most common types are amalgam (silver, gold, copper, etc.) and composite resin (tooth-colored material). Composite resin tends to be the most popular kind because they look most like real teeth so they blend seamlessly. However, amalgam fillings are usually more durable and often recommended for back teeth since they take on more biting forces.

How are dental fillings placed?

We always want you to feel comfortable during your dental procedure so the first thing we will do is administer a local anesthetic. This will numb the area prior to treatment so you don’t feel a thing. Once the anesthesia has taken effect we can use a dental drill to remove the decayed portions of the tooth. Once the damaged portions are removed we can begin to apply the filling in layers (or in just one layer if it is an amalgam filling). We may also use a laser to harden each layer. Lastly, we will also mold and shape each layer until we achieve the ideal shape.

Have more questions about dental fillings? Need to schedule your six-month cleaning with Blome Family Dentistry? Then call our Lincoln, NE dental office today to book your next visit.