What Type of Braces Are Right for Me?
By Blome Family Dentistry
May 04, 2015
Category: dental procedures
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BracesIf you are considering getting braces in Lincoln discover all of your options first.

Whether you’re a child or a full-fledged adult, chances are pretty good that if you are dealing with a misaligned or crooked smile that you are currently weighing your orthodontics options. If you are ready to consider getting braces in Lincoln, find out what different kinds of orthodontics are out there and which one might be right for you.

Metal Braces

These might be the braces you picture when you think about orthodontics. However, some things have changed over the years and now these braces offer more aesthetic advantages than they used to. Now you can sport smaller, more lightweight brackets, as well as thinner wires. Your metal braces don’t have to be bulky!

Pros: They are the least expensive braces in Lincoln; they can fix complex dental cases

Cons: They are more visible and can cause gum or tissue irritation

Clear Braces

If you are looking to get braces but you don’t like the idea of a mouth full of metal, then you can opt for the more discreet alternative to traditional braces. While the mechanics and overall appearance is the same as metal braces, this option offers tooth-colored wires and clear brackets, so they are less visible.

Pros: A more aesthetically pleasing option; can still fix more complex dental problems

Cons: They are more expensive than metal braces

Lingual Braces

For those looking to hide their braces from the world, consider lingual braces. They might look like regular old metal braces, but instead of being attached to the front of your teeth they actually adhere to the back of them so no one will be able tell you are wearing braces but you.

Pros: Your braces aren’t visible to those around you

Cons: It can be harder to clean properly; they won’t work on smaller teeth or those with underbites.

Clear Aligners

Who doesn’t love the idea of straightening their smile without anyone seeing? If you want to say goodbye to the old bracket-and-wire braces and opt for a revolutionary new approach then clear aligners like Invisalign may be the best choice for you. These invisible aligners are custom-made to fit over your teeth to slowly shift them into place. They are worn for the majority of the day but can be removed for mealtimes and for oral care.

Pros: They are removable; they are nearly invisible; they offer a customized and more comfortable fit; length of treatment is usually shorter; you don’t have to restrict your diet, as you do with other orthodontics

Cons: They can be more expensive; they don’t work for all dental cases; they are only designed for teens and adults, not children

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