The Process of Getting Dental Crowns
By Blome Family Dentistry
June 30, 2015
Category: dental procedures
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Learn more about what to expect when you get dental crowns in Lincoln.

Have your Lincoln dentists Drs. Sara Blome-Wubbles and Greg Blome told you that you need a dental crown? You may already dental Crownsknow what a dental crown looks like and why it’s necessary but how much do you actually know about getting dental crowns? Here are the three main steps involved in getting your new dental crown in Lincoln.

Shave down enamel

The first step to getting dental crowns will depend on whether you are getting a root canal or not. If your tooth is only cracked or chipped then your Lincoln dentists will remove enamel to buff out the damage. Those who have sustained damage to the dental pulp, the inside of the tooth, will require a root canal to clean out the tooth and treat any possible infection.

Take impressions

After your tooth has been prepped we will apply a putty-like material to your tooth to take impressions of your smile. This will help us figure out the exact measurements of your tooth. This information will then be sent to a lab where they will fabricate your dental crown.

Every dental crown made in Lincoln is custom-made to fit your tooth. We will even look at a shade chart to figure out what color dental crown would best match the rest of your smile. Having a dental crown made usually takes about a week. In the meantime, your Lincoln dentists will place a temporary crown over your tooth.

Fitting your dental crown

Once your dental crown is made your second visit will require us to fit your crown to your tooth. We may need to adjust your crown to make sure that everything fits properly and that it doesn’t affect your bite. Once we have fitted your crown we will cement it into place.

Are you dealing with a cracked or chipped tooth that’s in desperate need of a little aesthetic TLC? These dental issues need to be treated right away by your Lincoln dentists to ensure that damage doesn’t get worse. Call Blome Family Dentistry today to schedule that much-needed appointment. We can give you a healthy smile again with dental crowns.