How Old Should My Child Be When I Consider Braces?
By Blome Family Dentistry
September 03, 2015
Category: dental procedures
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Are your child's teeth crooked, gapped or crowded? If so, a visit to your family dentist at Blome Family Dentistry in Lincoln for braces may be in your near future, and it may be sooner than you might think. Even if your child is still quite young, dentists such as Greg BracesBlome, DDS and Sara Wubbels, DDS are seeing children earlier and earlier these days. Here's what you can expect.

First Orthodontic Screening

According to the American Association for Orthodontics, your child should visit a dentist for a check-up no later than age seven. Even if your child's mouth appears to be fine, your child's family dentist in Lincoln may spot underlying or developing problems that could become a concern later on. By bringing your child to see a Lincoln dentist early, your family can prepare in advance to receive the best treatment possible.

Beginning Orthodontics Treatment

The best time for your child to actually begin orthodontic treatment will vary based on a few factors, such as the severity of the problem, the dentist's preferred technique, and your family's preferences. Traditionally, treatment with braces begins after age eight, when your child has lost the majority of his or her baby teeth and the permanent ones have come in, but your dentist may have valid reasons you should begin treatment early or wait.

When to Seek Early Dental Treatment

If your child is experiencing pain or complications due to extended thumb sucking or pacifier use, early or late tooth loss, mouth breathing, or if your child's jaw shifts or makes sounds, your child may need dental treatment earlier rather than later. Talk to your family dentist at Blome Family Dentistry in Lincoln to learn more.

The decision of when to have your child start braces can be a difficult one to make, especially since there are so many pros and cons to both early and delayed treatment. Thankfully, it's a choice you don't have to make alone. Bring your child in to see Dr. Blome or Dr. Wubbels at Blome Family Dentistry in Lincoln, and your child's family dentist will help you make the right choice for you.