Braces Could be the Answer!
By Blome Family Dental
March 15, 2017
Category: dental procedures
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How braces from your Lincoln dentists can improve your smilebraces

If nature didn’t give you a straight smile, braces could be the answer you’ve been looking for. When you think of braces, it’s easy to imagine bulky, ugly metal brackets and wires, but today’s braces are different. Your dentists at Blome Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE, want to help you discover what modern orthodontic treatment can do for you and why braces could be the answer.

So why is having a straight smile so important? When your teeth are straight, your smile is more cosmetically beautiful. You want people to notice the beauty and warmth of your smile, not your crooked teeth! Your smile is an important part of who you are and how you appear to the world, and you want your smile to be straight and harmonious.

Enhancing your appearance isn’t the only reason you want a straight smile. When your teeth are straight, you can keep your smile healthy. It’s much easier to floss when your teeth are correctly positioned. You can reach difficult access areas where bacteria can hide. Bacterial plaque is what causes tooth decay, gum disease and periodontal disease. When you can clean your teeth more easily, you will clean more thoroughly in less time.

When you have orthodontic treatment, one of the main goals is to align your jaws correctly. When you bite with correct alignment, it prevents excessive trauma to your jaws and facial structure. Eliminating trauma can prevent jaw pain, earaches, headaches and TMJ problems.

There are many reasons why braces could be the answer for you. There are also many different types of braces to choose from. Consider:

  • Metal brackets with ultra-thin wires (conventional braces)
  • Clear plastic brackets with tooth-colored wires
  • Ceramic brackets with tooth-colored wires

You don’t have to settle for the smile nature gave you. You can improve your smile quickly with orthodontic treatment. Talk with the experts and call your dentists at Blome Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE. Call today and find out why braces could be the answer for you!