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By Blome Family Dentistry
September 17, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Dental Crowns  

Working with the best dentist in Lincoln, NE, allows you to take control of your oral health issues quickly and efficiently. For example, Blome Family Dentistry (staffed by renowned experts Dr. Greg Blome and Dr. Sara Wubbels) can help to install a crown on a busted or cracked tooth to protect your overall oral health. Doing so can protect you from a surprising range of oral health problems. 

How a Crown Restores Teeth

A high-quality dental crown is designed to cover damaged spots on your tooth without requiring a lot of adjustment to the enamel or without removing the tooth entirely. Typically, a damaged tooth is first filed slightly to make the top surface even and easier to work with during the application process. A mold is then taken of the tooth's surface, and a metal crown is created to fit that surface. 

The crown then performs a series of protective steps that helps to keep your oral health strong. First of all, it helps prevent decay in other areas of the tooth, such as getting deeper into the roots. And an adequately applied crown can also help keep your oral health strong and secure by:

  • Holding a dead tooth together for longer to keep it from falling apart after the dead pulp is removed
  • Preventing the need for root canals or other long-term treatment methods by keeping your tooth safe 
  • Providing an attractive cosmetic improvement for your tooth that will last for years
  • Permanently protecting your tooth, as long as you work with a dentist, Lincoln, NE, can trust 
  • Enhancing your overall oral health by keeping your smile strong and secure, and handsome
  • Keeping your jaw bone from degrading or losing strength as you age by minimizing tooth loss
  • Improving your self-esteem by reducing the extent of oral health damage in your mouth

Thankfully, dentists can provide multiple crowns in one sitting, allowing you to fix multiple teeth at once. This type of high-quality protection is crucial as a way of preventing worsening oral health. In addition, if you install crowns soon enough, there's a good chance that you won't need to get other repairs, such as a bridge, or even replaced with an implant.

Take Great Care of Your Teeth 

Dr. Greg Blome and Dr. Sara Wubbels can help you if you need a tremendous dental crown. At Blome Family Dentistry, they provide Lincoln, NE, with a dentist who has their best needs in mind. So please don't hesitate to call at 402-483-7000 right away and set an appointment. You make it easier to protect yourself and cut back on the potential dangers of long-term damage by getting a crown.

By Blome Family Dentistry
September 16, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Fillings  

Dental fillings in Lincoln, NE,  can save your smile.

Cavities are a common dental problem. The good news is, a dental filling can restore your tooth to its normal function, giving you the chewing strength you’ve been missing. A dental filling can also restore the natural beauty of your tooth. Dr. Greg Blome and Dr. Sara Wubbels at Blome Family Dentistry provide a wide range of dental services, including dental fillings in Lincoln, NE, to save your smile.

Having a cavity is the number one reason why you might need a dental filling, but there are other reasons too. You might need a filling if your tooth is:

  • Worn down from aging
  • Abraded from chewing on hard objects
  • Eroded from eating and drinking acidic foods and beverages
  • Weakened from large previous fillings

Teeth are normally very strong, but they can be weakened, making them prone to fracture. A dental filling can strengthen your tooth.

Tooth-colored fillings use a unique resin material known as composite. Composite is the most popular filling material because it offers many important advantages, including:

  • A natural look that blends in with your smile- composite can be matched to the shade of your existing teeth.
  • A metal-free alternative
  • A strong bond

If you have a cavity, you need a filling to protect your tooth. Your family dentists can repair your smile with tooth-colored fillings.

To learn more about how dental fillings in Lincoln, NE, can save your smile and restore chewing function, call Dr. Blome and Dr. Wubbels of Blome Family Dentistry at (402) 483-7000 today!

By Blome Family Dentistry
March 01, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Dental Fillings  

Cavities are avoidable, and good dental habits can greatly improve our odds. But it can be easy to fall out of step, and before we know it we find ourselves with a cavity. It is not, however, the end of the world, and with early enough care a simple filling can halt the progress of decay and returns us to a healthy dental regimen. If you would like to learn more please contact Dr. Greg Blome and Dr. Sara Wubbels of Blome Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE.

Cavities Find a Way

Brushing your teeth every day, alongside flossing, can keep plaque from building up on your teeth. But in spite of how good of a job you do, a professional dental cleaning should be part of your routine. Most dentists recommend it about twice a year. The procedure helps reach the harder-to-reach plaque and eliminates tartar, hardened plaque that's nearly impossible to remove at home.

A checkup is the first half of a regular dental appointment alongside the professional dental cleaning, and just as important.

Your dentist examines your overall dental health during such visits, but a part of it is inspecting your teeth for early signs of decay.

A cavity caught in time can be treated with a dental filling by first removing all signs of decay and by filling the empty space and shaping the material to match the corrected tooth.

Materials range from a variety of metals to traditional amalgam fillings, and even tooth-colored resin for a result that is nearly unnoticeable.

Dental Fillings in Lincoln, NE

As mentioned above the most important thing to remember is to make regular visits to your dentist part of your dental health regimen. Cleanings can help with prevention, and regular checkups can make sure that concerns are dealt with promptly, thus saving you from more involved procedures in the future, as well as saving you money in the long run.

To schedule an appointment with your Lincoln, NE, dentists Dr. Blome and Dr. Wubbels of Blome Family Dentistry by dialing 402-483-7000.

By Blome Family Dentistry
December 31, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: dental bridges  

Your dentists in Lincoln, NE, Drs. Sara Blome-Wubbles and Greg Blome understand just how much a missing tooth can affect you. Your lost tooth completely changes your smile and can make chewing a little difficult. Fortunately, dental bridges provide an effective tooth restoration solution.

Dental bridges fill the gaps in your teeth
Bridges are an excellent choice if you've lost one tooth or two adjacent teeth. The restorations consist of false teeth, or pontics, that replace your missing teeth, and dental crowns. Pontics are attached to hollow crowns, restorations that slide over supporting teeth on either side of your gap. The crown portions of the bridge are cemented on to the supporting teeth after they've been reduced in size slightly.

Cementing the crowns ensure that your bridge is comfortable and doesn't move when you eat. Bridges are a comfortable restoration option and feel very natural.

Bridges help you stay healthy
Missing teeth can make eating challenging, no matter where they're located. If eating certain foods becomes more trouble than its worth, you may decide to avoid them when you dine at your favorite Lincoln restaurant or prepare a meal at home. Unfortunately, eliminating foods from your diet can cause nutritional deficiencies that could increase your risk of illness.

Dental bridges restore your ability to eat a range of foods and help you stay healthy.

Your dental bridge prevents additional changes to your smile
Drifting teeth are a common issue after tooth loss. Your teeth may shift as they try to fill the gaps in your smile. As the teeth change position, they often overlap. Overlapping teeth change your appearance, which can be very upsetting if you previously had perfectly straight teeth. Your risk of tooth decay might also increase if it's hard to remove plaque between overlapping teeth.

In some cases, drifting teeth may also change your bite. If bite changes are severe, you might need orthodontic treatment to correct them. Bridges prevent nearby teeth from shifting, helping you avoid these consequences. The restorations are most effective in preventing changes to your smile if you receive them as soon as possible after tooth loss.

Restore your missing teeth with dental bridges. Call your Lincoln, NE, dentists, Drs. Sara Blome-Wubbles and Greg Blome, at (402) 483-7000 to schedule your appointment.

By Blome Family Dental
March 05, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: TMJ Issues  

Chronic jaw pain, headaches, and jaw clicking are signs of TMJ issues. TMJ refers to a disorder affecting the temporomandibular joints, which are the joints connecting the lower jaw to the skull on each side of the face. TMJ can cause several problems, including a locked jaw and difficulty chewing. Dr. Greg Blome and Dr. Sara Blome-Wubbles, the experienced dentists at Blome Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE, can diagnose and treat TMJ disorder.

TMJ Causes and Symptoms

A TMJ disorder is a condition associated with irritation or misalignment of the joints on either side of the face that connect the lower jaw to the skull. When one or both joints become aggravated or move out of alignment, pain and discomfort result. A TMJ disorder is caused by arthritis in the jaw joint, an injury to the jaw, chronic stress, or frequent grinding or clenching the teeth.

A TMJ disorder is associated with several symptoms. Our knowledgeable dentists at our office in Lincoln, NE, can determine if your symptoms are indicative of TMJ and recommend a suitable treatment method. Common symptoms of TMJ disorder include:

  • A locked jaw
  • Pain or discomfort in the jaw area
  • Popping or clicking sounds in the jaw joints
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Headaches
  • Neck aches
  • Tooth sensitivity

Treatments for TMJ

Several methods are available for treating TMJ disorder. The best course of treatment depends on the severity of your symptoms and the cause of your TMJ issues. The pain and discomfort are alleviated with over-the-counter or prescription pain relief medications or by applying ice or heat to the affected area. It is also advisable to eat soft foods when experiencing TMJ issues since it's difficult to chew, open, and close the mouth.

For patients whose TMJ issues stem from chronic teeth grinding at night, wearing an oral appliance when sleeping can help. The appliance reduces the effects of grinding and clenching, which aggravate the jaw joints. In some cases, surgery might be the best treatment option. Surgery corrects misalignment of the temporomandibular joints and can repair a dislocated jaw.

If you are experiencing TMJ issues, help is available. Dr. Greg Blome or Dr. Sara Blome-Wubbles can discuss different options for treating your TMJ symptoms. To schedule an appointment with one of our skilled dentists, call Blome Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE, at (402) 483-7000.