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By Blome Family Dental
September 15, 2017
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Do you want to rejuvenate your smile? Dr. Greg Blome and Dr. Sara Blome-Wubbels will partner with you in achieving your best set of restorative dentistryteeth and gums. If you are concerned about the health of a particular tooth, a beautiful porcelain crown may be your solution. If the crooked appearance of your smile troubles you, conventional braces in Lincoln, NE or Six Month Smiles could solve that problem.

The dental crown

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that almost 32 percent of Americans between the ages of 20 and 44 have untreated cavities. That's a shame because restorative dentistry offers many treatment options. When decay is extensive or if a tooth doesn't have enough healthy enamel above the gum line to stay strong, a dental crown can save that smile.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers and protects a failing tooth. Gold, porcelain-fused -to-metal or all-porcelain are the materials Dr. Blome or Dr. Blome-Wubbels chooses, depending on budget and on the location of the tooth.

After an oral exam, including digital X-rays, the dentist prepares and shapes the tooth by removing the decayed portions and old filling material. He or she takes oral impressions which allow the dental lab technician to accurately craft the crown. The dentist installs a temporary cap to normalize smile appearance and function while waiting for the new prosthetic.

On the return visit to Blome Family Dentistry, the dentist removes the temporary restoration and bonds the new crown in place, ensuring fit and bite are correct. With good brushing and flossing at home and regular cleanings and check-ups at the office, the dental crown should last ten years and beyond.

As a side note, the dental crown is versatile. It may support fixed bridgework or restore a dental implant.

Braces in Lincoln

While children should get orthodontic evaluation by age seven, age really doesn't determine who can benefit from braces in Lincoln. Older teens and adults can rejuvenate their smile appearance, oral health and function with orthodontic services from Blome Family Dentistry.

The process begins with an examination, X-rays and oral impressions. This information tells the dentist what the specific needs are and what kind of braces would help.

The team at Blome Family Dentistry use conventional metal braces to solve a variety of complex dental alignment and bite issues. In addition, the doctors offer inventive Six Month Smiles as an orthodontic alternative for adults who wish to correct crookedness and gaps right in the front of their mouths--in other words, in the "smile zone."

Six Months Smiles offer two distinct advantages over traditional braces. First, the appearance is discreet. Patented Lucid Lock brackets are clear, and wires are tooth-colored. Second, Six Month Smiles take just months, not years, to create.

How can we help you?

Learn about these dental services and many others offered at Blome Family Dentistry. For a routine appointment, orthodontic consultation or information on dental crowns, please call the office at (402) 483-7000.

By Blome Family Dental
July 14, 2017
Category: dental procedures

After a tooth has been extracted or lost, even if it has been missing for years, it is still a good idea to have it replaced. Some people opt for dental bridgespartial dentures, while others choose a more permanent option: dental bridges. Depending on the condition of your other teeth, dental bridges may be the perfect solution for your smile. This cosmetic treatment is offered at Blome Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE.

Dental Bridges
A bridge is made up of a false tooth (called a pontic) and two custom crowns. You need two healthy teeth located next to the open socket in order to get dental bridges that will last. This is because the crowns will be installed over the adjacent, healthy teeth and anchor the false tooth in the middle. It’s important to keep the bridge and your teeth clean on a daily basis to ensure the bridge lasts as long as possible.

How Bridges Help Your Smile
A number of patients prefer bridges over common removable denture devices. A bridge will help your smile in the following ways:

- It covers up the open socket where there is a missing tooth to stop food from getting trapped there.
- Chewing your food is easier and more enjoyable.
- You’ll be able to smile without the embarrassment of a large gap.
- There’s no need to take the bridge out to clean it. Just brush and floss around it normally.

The Process of Getting Bridges
At your first appointment with your Lincoln dentist to get dental bridges, the adjacent teeth will be formed into abutment for the crowns and impressions will be made. A dental technician will then create a custom shaped bridge device to fit your smile. At the final appointment, the device will be fitted to your teeth and adjusted as needed.

Fill in the Gaps
With dental bridges, you can finally fill in the gap that has been plaguing your smile. Call Blome Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE at (402) 483-7000 today to schedule an appointment.

By Blome Family Dental
May 10, 2017
Category: dental procedures

Damaged teeth? Dental crowns are designed to strengthen and protect teeth while restoring the beauty of your smile. Blome Family dental crownsDentistry, which is located in Lincoln, NE, offers state-of-the-art dental crowns to their patients. Our dental crowns will give you results like you've never seen before. Dr. Greg Blome and Dr. Sara Wubbels are two of Lincoln's finest dentists. Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about crowns. 

Dental Crowns Overview

A crown, also known as cap, is a protective covering that is placed over weakened or damaged teeth. Dental caps are permanently cemented into place. They function and are cared for just like natural teeth. Dental caps are routinely used to strengthen and repair damaged teeth and improve the appearance of teeth.

Types of Dental Crowns

There are many different types of crowns like all porcelain crowns, all-metal crowns, and porcelain fused to metal crowns. All-porcelain crowns are beautiful and provide the best natural color of all the crowns. All-metal crowns are made using silver-colored or gold dental alloy. They're known for their exceptional durability and great strength. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are very strong and can produce pleasing aesthetics.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns could be the difference between losing a tooth and keeping it. A dental crown protects a heavily filled tooth from fracture by preserving the remaining tooth structure. Dental crowns also improve the appearance of teeth and enable you to function in comfort and with confidence. Crowns have smooth and polished surfaces and are very comfortable.

Cost of Dental Crowns

A dental cap is an affordable dentistry option to improve your smile. The cost of crown treatment varies depending on what part of the country you live in and on the type of crown selected. The average usually ranges from a few hundred to more than $1,000. A portion of the cost of crown treatment is generally covered by insurance, however.

If you need a dental crown, why wait? We can help you today! Call Blome Family Dentistry at 402-483-7000 today to schedule a consultation in Lincoln, NE. Dental crowns will improve your appearance and give you the confidence to smile again. Remember, it's never too late to beautify your smile.

By Blome Family Dental
March 15, 2017
Category: dental procedures
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How braces from your Lincoln dentists can improve your smilebraces

If nature didn’t give you a straight smile, braces could be the answer you’ve been looking for. When you think of braces, it’s easy to imagine bulky, ugly metal brackets and wires, but today’s braces are different. Your dentists at Blome Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE, want to help you discover what modern orthodontic treatment can do for you and why braces could be the answer.

So why is having a straight smile so important? When your teeth are straight, your smile is more cosmetically beautiful. You want people to notice the beauty and warmth of your smile, not your crooked teeth! Your smile is an important part of who you are and how you appear to the world, and you want your smile to be straight and harmonious.

Enhancing your appearance isn’t the only reason you want a straight smile. When your teeth are straight, you can keep your smile healthy. It’s much easier to floss when your teeth are correctly positioned. You can reach difficult access areas where bacteria can hide. Bacterial plaque is what causes tooth decay, gum disease and periodontal disease. When you can clean your teeth more easily, you will clean more thoroughly in less time.

When you have orthodontic treatment, one of the main goals is to align your jaws correctly. When you bite with correct alignment, it prevents excessive trauma to your jaws and facial structure. Eliminating trauma can prevent jaw pain, earaches, headaches and TMJ problems.

There are many reasons why braces could be the answer for you. There are also many different types of braces to choose from. Consider:

  • Metal brackets with ultra-thin wires (conventional braces)
  • Clear plastic brackets with tooth-colored wires
  • Ceramic brackets with tooth-colored wires

You don’t have to settle for the smile nature gave you. You can improve your smile quickly with orthodontic treatment. Talk with the experts and call your dentists at Blome Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE. Call today and find out why braces could be the answer for you!

By Blome Family Dental
January 17, 2017
Category: dental procedures

Dental fillings are used to fill in the cavities that result from tooth decay. Your family dentists in Lincoln, NE Dr. Greg Blome and Dr. Sara fillingsWubbles, can let you know if any of your teeth need new or replacement dental fillings. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about dental fillings.

Why do I need a dental filling?

Dental fillings are used to fill in the empty cavity formed by tooth decay. After the decayed area inside the tooth has been removed and cleaned out, the dentist will fill in the space with a dental filling. The filling prevents additional decay from developing. 

What are some signs that my fillings need to be replaced?

Dental fillings can last for years. Individuals who have had cavities filled as children, for instance, can still have those same fillings in adulthood. However, at some point, dental fillings can begin to fail after years of wear and tear from biting, chewing and drinking. Signs that your dental fillings should be replaced include soreness, decay or a crack in the tooth containing the filling. A dental filling should also be replaced if they have come loose and are no longer properly supported by the tooth containing it.

What are composite fillings?

Composite fillings differ slightly from traditional amalgam fillings. Whereas amalgam fillings tend to look silver in color, composite fillings match your natural tooth color. Composite fillings are made from a sturdy plastic resin material. Many patients prefer the composite fillings, particularly for filling in teeth in the front of the mouth, since they do blend in with your natural teeth.

Dental fillings are an effective way to fill in the cavities left behind by tooth decay. Fillings help keep your teeth strong and prevent decay from spreading. The friendly dentists at Blome Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE can give you a thorough dental exam and let you know if you need any fillings. To schedule a dental checkup, call Blome Family Dentistry at (402) 483-7000.

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